The Queens of Woodlawn Avenue by Regina Hale Sutherland

30 Jun

The Red Hat Society's Queen's of Woodlawn Avenue

Regina Hale Sutherland
The Queens of Woodlawn Avenue

Who says romance over 50 is dead? That is certainly not the case in this excellent novel. I must have read this book at least fives times… this year! Sutherland is a master at describing human emotions and the depths of interpersonal relationships, and I truly believe this is her best work.

Ellie Hall is a 50 year old woman whose husband dropped her like a hot plate for a D-cup Hooters waitress. With the minimal proceeds from her divorce, she purchases a tumbledown 1920s Tudor home (which ironically has a heart shaped arch) and retreats into a sugar and carbohydrate binge, reeling at what her life has become. Her three neighbors – Grace, Jane, and Linda – inform Ellie that her home is part of an old bridge club, and she is now the Queen of Hearts! Through the rules of bridge, the three Queens help Ellie navigate through her new life. After starting a business, regaining her social standing, taking a French lover, and catching the eye of a twenty-something police officer, Ellie is starting to feel like a new woman, and must now deal with her ex-husband, who suddenly can’t resist her.

The Queens of Woodlawn Avenue will definitely have you feeling the pangs of a relationship lost, laughing out loud at Ellie’s journey to self-discovery, and cheering for her ultimate comeback. How does that quote go… Happiness is the best form of revenge? Go to the nearest bookstore and pick up a copy or click here to download your Kindle sample.


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