Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf

1 Jul

Kiss My Deadly by Michele Hauf

Kiss Me Deadly is an amazing paranormal romance by Michele Hauf. I downloaded a free Harlequin romance app on my iTouch, which came with 15 books, and I must say that this book is by far my favorite!


Nikolaus Drake is the only vampire to have survived the death cocktail, which is another name for a witch’s poisonous blood. After a lengthy recovery, he is mostly healthy and is out to kill Ravin Crosse, the witch who almost took his life. Ravin, a woman who knows no fear, is not worried about Drake or his revenge. She has her priorities on fulfilling three obligations in order to set her soul free. She has finished the first obligation with ease and is in the process of completing the second obligation – to make a love spell.¬†Everything takes a detour when Ravin’s love spell spills on Drake during his surprise attack, and her natural enemy begins to seduce her. Ravin must now deal with completing the last obligation (which seems impossible), avoiding Drake’s angry vampire coven who wants nothing more than to burn her alive, and sort through her feelings so she can explain what happened to Drake once the love spell wears off.

Michele Hauf knocks this title out of the park, and is a definite must read! The characters are real and the dialogue is so descriptive, I really feel as if I am another person in the room with Ravin and Drake. Don’t miss out on this fantastic read. If you are into witches, vampires, and romance, then this is definitely the book for you. And if you want it for free, visit Try Harlequin!

2 Responses to “Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf”

  1. mikan July 1, 2010 at 3:35 AM #

    Sounds interesting…will read during the upcoming holiday.


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