The Little Lady Agency and The Prince by Hester Browne

4 Jul

The Little Lady Agency and The Prince by Hester Browne

Through Browne’s previous two novels, we’ve come to know and love Melissa Romney-Jones as well as her alter ego Honey Blennerhesket. At the end of the previous book, Jonathan proposes to Melissa, but she turns him down and returns home, leaving New York and Jonathan behind. But, as any good man would do, he follows Melissa back to London, pleads his case, and gets his woman, now fiancée, back.

In the third installment, Melissa continues running The Little Lady Agency as well as planning her wedding. Jonathan decides to manage a prestigious Parisian real estate company. But, as if things could really be that simple, Melissa finds herself in the middle of drama when her beloved grandmother asks her for a special favor – turn Prince Nicolas von Helsing-Alexandros into a gentleman.

Nicolas, has no intention of changing his wild ways, but goes with the flow to preserve his inheritance. You would think that Jonathan would protest, but he is nothing but supportive of Melissa’s new client, thinking it would be a great opportunity to make social connections (my doesn’t that sound like Melissa’s father?).

When Melissa finds herself pulled in too many directions – Jonathan constantly needing her in Paris, Emery needing someone to put the nanny in line, Nelson finding a new flatmate, and Nicolas treating her with cruises and late night dinners – she will realize who her real prince is, and will surprise even the savviest of readers! I think this is a must read title and a fabulous conclusion to the trilogy. Get your Kindle sample here.


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