A Delight Before Christmas by Angie Daniels

5 Jul

A Delight Before Christmas by Angie Daniels

This book was a delight to read and very hot, hot, hot! I read the Kindle sample first, and had to buy the book after Berlin Dupree gets felt up in a coat closet by Santa at her company’s Christmas party only to find out afterwards that Santa wasn’t her intended target, Dr. Cameron Clarke, but instead was the hired painter, Reggie Hodges.

Berlin Dupree has been religiously following her ten step plan her entire life, and this book starts on mission number eight: fall in love and marry a doctor. Berlin has her eyes set on Dr. Cameron, but Reggie is determined to seduce her and ruin her plans.  When Berlin’s parents decide to visit her and her semi-finished home for Christmas, she reluctantly agrees to hire Reggie to paint the interior of her home. Strapped for cash, Reggie agrees to do the work on two conditions: she go out on three dates with him and that he gets to make all the rules.

Daniels provides very passionate but tasteful love scenes that engage the imagination throughout the novel. Overall this book was like Christmas in July, but I cannot withhold the fact that from about the eighth chapter forward, I found grammatical errors sprinkled throughout the rest of the book. No book is perfect and the important thing is that the errors did not take away from the flow of the novel, but as a book editor, my mind would scream, “Wrong tense! Delete that word! Fix the pronoun!” Bottom line: I would buy this book again! And again! And again! Reggie is searing hot and the type of man the every woman needs. If you are looking for a read full of passion and desire, this is definitely for you.


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