Risky Pleasures by Brenda Jackson

7 Aug

I am absolutely thrilled to be reading Brenda Jackson’s latest addition to the Steele series Hidden Pleasures, so I decided to let the world know how much I loved Risky Pleasures, the fourth title in an eight part series. Cameron Cody is a man that is used to taking what he wants… usually in the form of company takeovers. But when his attempt to acquire the Steele Corporation fails, he is able to mend his relationship with all of the Steele family except for Vanessa, the one Steele who has caught his eye.

When Cameron hears that Vanessa has fled to Jamaica the same week he was planning to visit Charlotte, he alters his plans, flies to Jamaica, and purchases the beach property right next door to hers. Vanessa’s week of house sitting for her younger sister turns into an island romance that will move her to the core.

I really love how Brenda Jackson limits the number of characters in her books. In this novel, she focuses on Cameron, Vanessa, and each of their best friends. Their personalities jump right off the pages, and the characters feel like real people that you know. The plot is filled with courtship, passion and intrigue. The Jamaican island is the perfect backdrop for winning a woman’s stubborn heart, and I am so glad that Jackson let the novel extend beyond the island romance, letting you fully into the lives of the characters.

This book is a winner. I have every book in the Steele series, and I find that each title is unique and possesses a balance of caring, courtship, passion, and love. Still not convinced? Read Never Too Late online! If you could fall in love anywhere, where would it be?

Risky Pleasures @ Brenda Jackson’s Online Store

Risky Pleasures Amazon Kindle Sample

Risky Pleasures @ eHarlequin


2 Responses to “Risky Pleasures by Brenda Jackson”

  1. Anaiz August 7, 2010 at 11:01 AM #

    I think I could use a week in Jamaica 🙂

    • firepages August 8, 2010 at 12:04 AM #

      You and me both Anaiz! I’ll start collecting pocket change in a new piggy bank called “Jamaica… where romance begins!”

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