The Kissing Booth by Jane Cassell

25 Aug

Jane Cassell

The Kissing Booth

4/5 Stars

The Kissing Booth by Jane Cassell was first up at bat and I thought it was a fantastic lead story.”

I love short stories! And my love for the short, but carefully crafted word led me to a serious book buying breakdown yesterday. Although erotic short stories are a little easier to locate, I haven’t been able to find romantic short stories lately, which set me off on a rampage. Are short stories becoming a dying art form? I don’t know, but my feelings of literary resentment completely washed away when I stumbled upon More Five Minute Erotica by Carol Queen. 35 shorts for less than $10. Sold!

The Kissing Booth by Jane Cassell was first up at bat and I thought it was a fantastic lead story. This is the tale of a woman obsessed with kissing. She finds herself staring at people’s lips in public places, wondering what kind of kisser they are. So when a woman running a kissing booth for charity drops out, our female hops at the opportunity to take her place.

Cassell describes the kisses in detail as well as the effects it has on our lady’s body. Make no mistake about it, the highly anticipated mingling of lips leaves our heroine breathless and sexually satisfied. Cassell executed this short perfectly, and I even enjoyed her first person point of view. It puts the reader in the woman’s shoes, allowing you to experience each and every kiss.

I can’t wait to read more short stories from this collection! Comment: What is a kissing turnoff for you? 🙂

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One Response to “The Kissing Booth by Jane Cassell”

  1. Anaiz August 25, 2010 at 2:34 PM #

    This story sounds fun. As for kissing turnoff (not much experience here) I would say bad hygiene? I have no idea! Never been kissed 🙂

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