Secret Love by Fiona McGier

13 Sep

Fiona McGier

Secret Love

4/5 Stars


Sheena has spent the last twelve years working for a government agency so secret that she didn’t even learn what it was called for a year. She enjoys the work, but is getting bored. She tries her usual cure: a new man. But something about this one is different…and she develops feelings. In her world, even having feelings is dangerous. Indulging them by falling in love can be deadly.


I’ve always wanted to be a secret agent, an assassin of some type, and work as a part of a team doing some super stealthy assignment. It doesn’t look like I will be a secret agent anytime soon. Thankfully Fiona McGier has provided a sexy story that will satisfy my need for action and adventure as well as satisfy my hunger for romance.

Sheena Nelson is a contracted secret agent. So secret in fact that she didn’t even know who she was working for until over a year after her employment. Sheena is at the top of her game, but with thirteen years in service, she has grown weary and is contemplating resigning once her fifteen year contract is up. With thoughts like these going on in Sheena’s head, it was very easy for Cory to find his way into her heart in Berlin.

Attracted from the start, Sheen and Cory ignite the pages with sexual chemistry and raw physical attraction. Whereas the men that have come before Cory have meant nothing, Sheena finds herself thinking about love.

I really liked Sheena’s edge. She can kick butt and take names, but also stay true to her feminine self. Seeing these two sides to her made her seem very real and her experiences that much more captivating. Cory was also a character I enjoyed getting to know. He comes from a unique childhood and ancestry that makes him likable as well as different from most leading men.

Fiona created very hot love scenes between Sheena and Cory. And because of their steamy romance in between the sheets, I felt very invested in their happiness when life forces them to part ways. But, even when the two lovers reunite, sparks fly. Fiona has an eye for romance which makes Secret Love a story that should definitely be read.


2 Responses to “Secret Love by Fiona McGier”

  1. Lisa Alexander-Griffin September 13, 2011 at 11:02 PM #

    Very nice review! Love that Sheena can kick butt, take names and stay true to her feminintity . Way to go, Fiona! 🙂

  2. Fiona McGier September 19, 2011 at 2:12 PM #

    Thanks, Zee, for such a great review! It’s so much fun when readers give you such positive response! Makes me do my happy dance!

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