My Dream of Madonna and An Ecstatic Rendezvous by David Russell

17 Sep

David Russell

My Dream of Madonna &

An Ecstatic Rendezvous

4/5 Stars

David Russell delivers two shorts which focus on dreams and fantasies. His first short is My Dream of Madonna. This title is super brief – only a few pages – and is as it describes – a dream of Madonna. Starting with a phone call from Madonna herself, our male is taken by Madonna’s bodyguards to an extravagant church and then led to a swimming pool where not only does he meet Madonna, but he ravishes her.

Russell did an excellent job recreating a dream state of mind. Dreams are often a series of images, experiences, and desires that collide and form random scenes that elude to our deepest wants. This was certainly the case with this short. Russell excelled in building the anticipation between our male and Madonna. And what I liked even more was when the pair finally made love, there were very few details about the sex. The context clues were prefect and very fitting of this story. It was very different, written in an unique fashion, and I personally liked it.

In An Ecstatic Rendezvous, our nameless male is described as a narcissist from the start with a perfect gym body to match. He is so into himself that he dresses up in 50’s style swimwear and poses in front of a mirror. He even strips his clothing off as he watches himself in the mirror. But eventually he tires of the solo performance and searches for a woman on his level, and meets Sandra.

Our protagonist is serious about role playing. Before meeting up with Sandra, he lets her in on his 50’s era fantasy and even coordinate outfits over the phone, right down to the ironed linen underwear. When they do meet, they role play like it is a real beach party scene from a 50’s movie, complete with a couple’s beauty contest.

Russell was not kidding when he said the protagonist was a narcissist. I found humor in the lengths he makes to play out his fantasy, both alone and with Sandra. Excellently written – this was very much an ecstatic rendezvous, and a short story worth reading!


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