Wild Nevada Ride by Sandy Sullivan

20 Sep

Sandy Sullivan

Wild Nevada Ride

Wilder Series 3

5/5 Stars


Katrina Jamieson didn’t have time for a man in her life, much less a cowboy. She’s not about to give up her career as a fighter pilot for anything. Zipping amongst the clouds at 40,000 feet is her dream and being the best pilot the Force has ever seen, encompasses her days. Justin Wilder, cattle rancher and all around gorgeous hunk, doesn’t need the feisty Katrina in the middle of his world. He does just fine, thank you very much, taking care of his cows and building his ranch, but he can’t seem to forget her after she slams her brand new, Mustang GT 500 KR into the side of his truck. When their worlds collide, sparks fly and these two are so hot, skin sizzles when they touch. Can their attraction stand the test of time or will it burn out faster than the afterburners of her jet? 


How many times would it take for you to cross paths with someone before you explore the possibility of a relationship. Well, for our equally stubborn and independent duo, it will take more than one. Katrina, an awesome fighter pilot, and Justin, a sexy cowboy, collide into one another. Literally as their cars wreck in downtown Las Vegas. Katrina is beyond annoyed when her brand new Mustang is in a car accident, and Justin has a very important business meeting that he is trying to get to and doesn’t need the delay of …. this beautiful woman! Justin takes notice of Katrina’s beauty from the start, even in the middle of the most inconvenient situation. Imagine his surprise later that evening, when Katrina is on the arm of the very same businessman that he is supposed to meet. Conversation flows easily between them and it is apparent that they will hook up at some point. The attraction and sexual chemistry between them is just that strong.

When Justin and Katrina cross paths a third time, this time saving Katrina from an unfortunate situation, they engage in a night of incredible sex. The fire and passion between Justin and Katrina scorched my Kindle! It definitely put a blush on mycheeks. It was very well written by Sandy Sullivan and came across as steamy with a promise of more to come.  After that night, Katrina does everything possible to keep her independence, especially since she knows a cowboy like Justin is not in any hurry to be in a committed relationship. Will Justin come around when Katrina makes a huge decision that will change their relationship? Will Katrina get the opportunity to tell Justin how she feels about him? And how will Katrina deal when she finds out that her family has been keeping a huge secret that could turn her world upside down?

 Wild Nevada Ride is the steamiest, sexiest, hottest, and best book so far in the Wilder Series! Wild Nevada Ride is expertly written by Sandy Sullivan. Her writing style is smooth and reading her work is effortless. I enjoy the Wilder Series so much because each story is separate, with a unique storyline, and each novel has a completely different vibe. Wild Nevada Ride is devinitely the most action packed novel in the series. I love that Sandy made Katrina a fighter pilot. That is such an interesting, different occupation for a strong woman. I liked that. And I can’t help falling for an irresistible cowboy, especially since I’m a Texas girl! Sandy Sullivan has done an impressive job with this series, and I can’t wait to tell you all about her last installment in the Wilder Series tomorrow.



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