Wild Rekindled Love by Sandy Sullivan

21 Sep

Sandy Sullivan

Wild Rekindled Love

Wilder Series, Book 4

4.5/5 Stars


Jamie walked away from her love for Wyatt for the sake of his career as a physician even though she carried his child. When she runs into him at the local emergency room, she can’t believe her eyes, but her heart knows she never stopped loving him. Can she let him back into her life for the sake of their daughter?

Wyatt knew he would return to Laramie when he finally finished school. He never stopped loving
Jamie, but she pushed him away and insisted she didn’t love him. He wasn’t sure he could forgive her for shutting him out of their daughter’s life. When they come face-to-face again, he can’t walk away, not from Jamie nor from his daughter.

Will they be able to get past the disappointments and tears to rekindle their love or will old hurts kill the feelings that still linger in their hearts?


While Wild Nevada Ride was the hottest novel in the series, I must say that Wild Rekindled Love is the most romantic. I loved Jamie and Wyatt. They are perfect for each other and their love runs deep even after nine years passes between them, their love still burns just as strong.

Jamie made one of the hardest decisions of her life when she told Wyatt that even though she was having his child, she is not in love with him. She was in a tough situation and she wanted the best for Wyatt, and that meant letting him go to pursue his dream. But now Wyatt is back, and is ready to fight for his family, Jamie and their daughter, Samantha.

Samantha is such a cutie and also the mirror image of Wyatt. I love the role she plays in reuniting her parents. I also love Wyatt’s determination to be with his family again. Nothing and no one will stop him from being a father and husband. He is everything a man should be and I found myself rooting for him from the start. Jamie is such a rock. She has a huge heart and my heart definitely went out to her. I don’t know how I would handle things if I were in her shoes.

Wild Rekindled love is an amazing end to the Wilder Series. Sandy Sullivan created fascinating novels, each different and unique. She shows creativity, passion, and allows readers to explores different sides to love. I really enjoy reading Sandy’s work and I would absolutely recommend the Wilder Series to anyone looking for amazing stories!


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