Right of Champions by Stephen Benson

24 Sep

Stephen Benson - Right of Champions

Stephen Benson

Right of Champions

4.5 Star Review

I finished this novel quicker than planned, and it has everything to do with Benson’s writing style.  Sitting at almost 500 pages, Right of Champions is very easy to read and absorb. I found myself lost in his words, characters and Medival world. Benson’s line up of characters are outstanding. It’s been a while since I have seen so many well-developed characters in a novel. Benson introduces us to each character in a memorable way, and I not once did I think to myself, Who was this character again? After finishing Right of Champions, I had so many favorite characters, that I can’t possibly choose one. I liked Mahlee because she knew exactly how to use her influence as a woman to assert power, albeit subtly. I liked Garrick because is honorable, a manly man and is quick to defend himself and others. I liked Luthar because he is just plain old crazy and is always adding some kind of drama to the mix. The plot was quite engaging, and I believe that medieval and non-medieval lovers alike. I enjoyed reading Right of Champions. I was very much invested in the characters. I was rooting for some and not for others, and then when circumstances changed, I began to root for new characters who were adding strong personalities to the story. I’m glad Benson made this a big book because each page was well worth the read. Now that I have read Right of Champions, I find myself wanting to read more of Benson’s work, especially if it is a medieval tale as great as this one!


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