Story of L by Debra Hyde

27 Sep

Story of L by Debra Hyde

Debra Hyde

Story of L

4.5 Star Review

The Story of L begins strong as we see Liv arriving at Hippolyte’s on a mission – to quench The Void within her. The hunger of The Void is not new to Liv, but tonight’s events at Hippolyte’s are different than before. This night, while she seeks to satisfy the growing hunger within her, she meets Cassandra, an legendary mistress, who takes her to oblivion.

Cassandra is a dominant and Liv’s performance at Hippolyte’s intrigued her very much so. In fact, Cassandra has her assistant, Reese, seek out Liv and ask her if she wants to become one of Cassandra’s darlings, a submissive slave who is loyal and obedient to her mistress. Liv accepts.

Debra Hyde does a wonderful job of exploring dominance and submission in the Story of L. Liv is made well aware that Cassandra is not an easy mistress to please and that she will have to go through great lengths to prove herself. For instance, Cassandra requires a one inch lock of hair from Liv. Cassandra also requires a certain wardrobe, which include high heels and shirts, and even a tattoo. But what makes this novel so sensual in a push and pull kind of way is that Cassandra asks for Liv’s consent before giving out her tasks. Although Cassandra is a dominant and wants a loyal and obedient slave, she wants to make sure that hard boundaries are not crossed. Cassandra seeks one darling to be with her as she ages, to love her as well as be in love with her. The sex is downright erotic and hot, but Cassandra and Liv’s relationship is about more than sex, and I very much appreciated how Debra Hyde brings these emotions and desires to light.

At a little more than 150 pages, I felt that the Story of L was very well written, the Liv, Quinn, Tara, Reese and Cassandra were excellently created and crafted into multi-dimensional people. For example, Quinn warns her friend Liv to not get too fond of Cassandra because of her reputation and experiences with her, and although Liv accepts Cassandra’s proposal, Quinn is still there for Liv just as any good friend would be. Liv, although interested in Cassandra and being her submissive, often has worries and doubts about how far things will go. At one point, Liv asks about Cassandra’s lesbian credentials. I had a good laugh at that. And I also liked the ending Debra chose for her novel, taking things back to where they all began.

The Story of L is a excellent novel that I recommend reading. It is erotic, sensual, dynamic, and has a great cast of characters!


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