Captive by Gale Stanley

8 Oct
Captive by Gale Stanley

Gale Stanley

Captive (Black Wolf Gorge 3)

5 Star Review

Gale Knows Menage!
While Call of the Wilds focused on a male/female relationship, Mating Call and Captive focus on a male/female/male relationships. What Gale accomplishes in these ménage titles is that each character get romanced, seduced, and sexually satisfied. I never get the feeling like someone is left out physically and emotionally. Hats off to Gale for pulling this off with class and true writing style.

Brilliant Environment!

Once again Gale pulls us back into the world she has so wonderfully created. Not only to the places, mood, and people feel the same, we get to see Karin and Malcolm from Call of the Wilds and Sable, Jude, Jonas from Mating Call. I was delighted to revisit these characters that I have fallen for in the previous books, not only do I feel like I personally know them, but it is a treat to see how they are doing after their love story has ended.

Fantastic Story!
Janis, the sister of the two men that stole Sable’s heart in Mating Call, is the main focus in Captive. Unlike the previous novels, Janis is completely left in the dark about wolf matters, especially the fact that Sable, her sister-in-law, is a wolf-shifter herself. When Janis’ heart is broken and the thought of having a family is out of sight, she learns that as one chapter of her life closes, a new opportunity will open to her in the form of Noah and Wade.

After one sexy night of ménage love, Noah and Wade leave town and Janis is left feeling lonelier than ever. Little does she know that they are wolf-shifters who are trying to balance their love for her and their loyalty to their wolf pack. I’ll leave the details for you to read for yourself, but know that this novel will hold you Captive!


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