Carnal in Cannes by Jianne Carlo

8 Oct
Carnal in Cannes by Jianne Carlo

Jianne Carlo

Carnal in Cannes

4 Star Review

I really enjoyed reading Carnal in Cannes. Carlo does a fantastic job of dropping you right in the middle of the drama, two days before Harry has to marry a virgin bride or lose his dad’s fortune to his wicked stepmother. I could feel the panic in Harry and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to best his stepmother. And believe me, his stepmother is that ugly of a woman. I absolutely hated Delora, but that is because of great characterization and storytelling.

This novel is very upbeat and fast paced. Carlo reveals the main players early, and focuses the remainder of the story on this cat and mouse game between Harry and Delora, both fighting to inherit a wealthy will. Although Harry is stealthy, cunning, and smart, he is also loving, forgiving, and has a heart of gold. He honors every commitment made to Martine, and for that reason, I thought he was an admirable hero.

Martine awed me as well as frustrated me. She is such a lady despite her terrible childhood, and never makes excuses for it. Martine stands up to Delora’s harsh words many times, and I found myself rooting for Martine and her happiness. That being said, Martine is crazy to have left Harry in the dark about who she is for so long. Even after Harry shows her how forgiving he is over and over, she still holds on to secrets that could jeopardize Harry’s chances at beating Delora out of the will. I was pulling my hair out saying, “Just tell him the truth already!” I guess I can also credit that kind of reaction to good storytelling.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. It is a fast paced drama that will have you scheming at every turn of the page. The sex between Harry and Martine is sizzling hot (bring your own fan), and the way their love grows throughout the novel will melt your heart. Carnal in Cannes is the perfect read for the cold weather!


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