Double Bang by KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott

8 Oct
Double Bang by KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott

KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott
Double Bang

5 Star Review

Double Bang is a hit! It is very well known that I am a sucker for a romantic suspense novel and about 42 pages, this short will definitely satisfy your bookworm needs. The pacing is excellent. I never felt bored, or wishing that a scene would finish. On the contrary, I was completely engrossed in the novel, eager to turn to the next page. I really enjoyed Sara’s character. Unlike the usual occupations held my female protagonists – like fashion or public relations – Sara is a brainiac who works with computer security, already unique in her own right. Devon and Rigg are very strong alpha male characters. Devon is more wholesome than Rigg, but I felt that they are good opposites of each other, and complimented each other well.

I really loved how the authors dropped me right into the drama from page one. The first line of the story is “Oh, my God.” You started your journey in the thick of the drama and then stood side by side with Sara as she tries to uncover the truth of the story. I found that Sara, Devon, and Rigg really surprised me with their dynamic relationship, nothing I could have ever predicted, but I’ll let you read all about that twist.

Double Bang will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, completely caught up into Sara’s world of mystery, intrigue, and romance. I would rate this short 5/5 stars!


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