Interview with Sandy Sullivan

8 Oct

Wild Wyoming Nights by Sandy Sullivan

1.  What inspired you to write Wild Wyoming Nights?
I had the vision of Abby sitting on the window seat with the snow falling outside and her crying while she held her husband’s shirt. It evolved from there into what it is now.

2.  What is your favorite scene in the book?
Oh my. Um…probably the scene in the barn after they’ve been fighting their attraction for each other for so long. That is so hot.

3.  What is your favorite character in the book?
Chase. He’s such a cowboy. All hard, tough and no nonsense on the outside, but he’s really a softie on the inside. Especially with Abby.

4.  I really enjoyed the added paranormal element of Abby’s “sensitivity.” How did you choose which ghost would be angry with Abby and Chase’s attraction?
To me it fit the character’s that Joshua would be happy for Abby to move on. He loved her so much that he couldn’t stand to see her so sad. Chase’s wife on the other hand came across to me as very possessive.

5.  Did you ever plan to Abby to end up with anyone other than Chase? Or did you always know that they belonged together?
Nope. Chase was Abby’s from the get go. When he found her upside down in her car, they were meant to be. He just didn’t want to give in and neither did she at first.

6.  Are you working on a new book?
If so, can you tell us a little about it? I have a brand new series coming out with Secret Cravings Publishing called Montana Cowboys. The first book is called Love Me Once, Love Me Twice. It revolves around Natalie Bennington who was the typical band geek in school with the braces and skinny body. She goes back to the town where she grew up because her grandfather dies, leaving her grandmother alone. Her job was to get her grandmother to move back to Oregon where Natalie’s parents live, but fiesty Gram, isn’t going anywhere. On the trip into Red Rock, it’s snowing like crazy and Natalie puts her car into a ditch, but she’s rescued by none other than high school jock and gorgeous hunk, Cade Weston. Little does she know, Cade and best friend Kale, like to share women.

7.  What are your writing quirks?
I don’t think I have any writing quirks. LOL Maybe other than I have to have complete silence to write a sex scene. Picturing it in my mind is the only way I can get it down on paper so it’s hot enough to singe your eyebrows.

8.  What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?
I have two horses and I love riding although I haven’t done enough of it recently. My husband and I live on a small farm south of Nashville, TN so we have our menagerie of animals and I love spending time with them. Oh, and listening to country music. I’m a huge country music fan.

9.  What are you most thankful this Thanksgiving?
I’m thankful for my health and the health of my family, but also my loving husband who is completely behind my writing and crazy ideas.

10. Do you procrastinate when it comes to shopping for holiday gifts?
Nope. I’ve been done with all my Christmas shopping for over two weeks. Of course, it helps that most of my family gets gift cards because they live on the west coast.


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