Point of Beginning by Gale Stanley

8 Oct

Gale Stanley

Point of Beginning (The Gentlemen’s Club: Book 1)

4 Star Review

When Jack learns that his crush, Alex, is a self-proclaimed straight man with a girlfriend, he decides to move on instead of wallowing in self-pity. After many nights of Jack going out on the town, he interestingly runs into Alex… stripping… at an uber posh club?!?!?

What I really love about Point of Beginning is Jack’s character. He is so real and has much internal conflict about who he is and what he wants. We get to see his confusion, his thoughts, and the process of him digging through his thoughts to find the meaning of his sexuality. So often we see self-assured characters who knows everything about everyone, it is nice for a change of pace and Stanley definitely provides that.

But when the opportunity presents itself for Jack and Alex, they both take their chance together and it is nothing short of magnificent! We know that Jack and Alex will come together, but we are clueless about when it will happen and how good it will be. This story is built upon tension, which Stanley perfectly executes.

This is book one of Stanley’s Gentlemen’s Club series, and I’m anxiously waiting to read the next installment. I’d give Point of Beginning a solid 4/5 stars!


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