Taken By Surprise by Tonya Ramagos

8 Oct

Tonya Ramagos
Taken By Surprise

5 Star Review

Tonya Ramagos’ stories are amazing and I am so pleased to add Taken By Surprise to the list! Rhonda, a strong-willed woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants, is in love with Michael, a gorgeous DEA agent. The only thing standing in their way is the current drug lord after Michael, as well as his job which constantly puts him in danger. When Michael and Rhonda find themselves deep in the Cambodian forest, thinks definitely heat up, adventure-wise as well as romantically. 

There is plenty of action to keep these pages flipping at a rapid pace and enough hot nights in the forest to make you slow your pace and your breathing. Although I found myself drooling over Michael’s strong hands, protective nature, and hot body, I really loved Rhonda’s character more. Instead of playing the passive role in this relationship, Rhonda decided that she wanted to be with Michael and would go through anything, even a life threatening situation, to prove to Michael that she wants him even if he comes with an element of danger. This strong will is her best trait and I found myself identifying to it on a personal level.

Taken By Surprise is the perfect romantic suspense novel. Strong woman, sexy man, and the element of surprise are the ingredients for a 5 star story! Excellently done Tonya!


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