Tame the Wild Wind by Anna Small

8 Oct

Tame the Wild Wind by Anna Small

Anna Small
Tame the Wild Wind

5 Star Review

Tame the Wild Wind is an extraordinary novel for three reasons. The first reason why I love this novel is because it is a timeless story. Although the book is set in May 1886, Small could have easily changed that line to May 2010 and the story would still be relevant. Small is an expert when it comes to properly layering a plot. As each chapter progressed, new characters and new places were weaved into Cassie and Jed’s life, like Lavinia Grant’s House of Diamonds (you can only imagine!), and how a town’s schoolmaster and doctor are caught scheming against Cassie and Jed, and how Lavinia’s nephew, Dillon Grant, ended up arresting Jed. Tame the Wild Wind is quite intriguing and has the strong potential of making a great movie.

If you love reading about a strong heroine, then this is the book for you. Cassie Gibson is one tough redhead. She gives Jed a very hard time about proving his title to her father’s land, and throughout the novel, proves to be one solid opponent. She not only helps Jed take care of the ranch, which is considered “man work,” but she shows that she can be as deceitful as she is charming. And who can forget the chapter where she single-handedly plots to kill a man! Yes, it is much better to be on Cassie’s good side!

Finally, I really enjoyed the pacing of the novel. Small takes the time to show us many facets to each characters, which not only transforms them into three-dimensional people, but it makes the reader feel as if you are growing with the characters, not just reading about them. While reading, I felt like I was on that ranch with Cassie and Jed, watching the story unfold before my eyes. This couldn’t have been accomplished if Small had left out these precious details.

Overall, I thought Tame the Wild Wind was thrilling. The story is so rich and satisfying. I found myself becoming more interested in reading historical romances because of Small’s fantastic work. I definitely recommend this novel!


One Response to “Tame the Wild Wind by Anna Small”

  1. Lisa Alexander-Griffin October 8, 2011 at 5:05 PM #

    Wonderful review, Anna and Zee! Anna allowed me the opportunity to read parts of Tame the Wild Wind in it’s infancy. 🙂 Fell in love with Jed then, and adored Cassie. Without a doubt, I’m sure I’d love them even more now. The storyline was fantastic!! The characters so realistic and down to earth. 🙂

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