Unforeseen Lover by Christina Watson

8 Oct
Unforeseen Lover by Christina Watson

Christina Watson

Unforeseen Lover

5 Star Review

Unforeseen Lover is Christina Watson’s debut novel, and I absolutely loved it. Here are the top three reasons why you should get your hands on Unforeseen Lover.

Characters You Love
Watson creates characters that you can definitely relate to and that makes the story that much more believable. Ann is the victim of a cheating ex-husband. Although she has ditched him, the scars of marriage have left her feeling very undesirable and insecure. When you add three children and a low paying job to the mix, things couldn’t be worse for Ann in the love department.

Jake is the victim of a gold digging ex-fiancée, a woman who is determined to be a socialite at the expense of Jake’s wallet. Burned by the woman he thought he loved, Jake has turned into a no commitment playboy.

They are both people you know, who have been through these things. These characters might even reflect a relationship gone wrong in your own life. But that is the best part about them, their trials have made them more human, not just a character.

Watson doesn’t shy away from love scenes and often uses very blunt language, but I find that it is very fitting of the story and the characters. With two characters who feel so passionately about each other, yet vulnerable at the same time, their love turns from lust and passion to hot romance! Very fitting of this story.

Watson does a great job of pacing. This is not just a steamy novel filled with sex on every page. Multiple layers of romance are explored here, like friendship and companionship. I find that this is what ties the book together. As Ann and Jake face a few trials together, it is this friendship and companionship that sees them through as their faith in their new relationship is tested.


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