When A Rose Blooms by Tarah Scott

8 Oct
When A Rose Blooms by Tarah Scott

Tarah Scott
When A Rose Blooms

5 Star Review

This short is only 20 pages long but boy is it full of intrigue, mystery, and drama. It doesn’t take long for you to get the sense that something is terribly dark, terribly wrong about Nathaniel. Driven mad by the death of his wife, you experience the push and pull of his emotions, witness the depths of despair. Guilt weighs heavy on his heart. He blames himself for her death, and although he can’t imagine being with another woman, he frequently visits women who don’t mind pleasing him even though he calls them by his wife’s name. But, on the anniversary of his wife’s death, things are about to get even darker, and only a sign from the grave can bring him back to the living. Tarah Scott showed some serious range in her writing style and novel length. I love that because her work keeps me guessing, keeps me excited, keeps me wanting more! When A Rose Blooms is definitely a 5/5 short!


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