Wild Wyoming Nights by Sandy Sullivan

8 Oct

Sandy Sullivan
Wild Wyoming Nights (Wilder Series 1)

5 Star Review

Abby Carter is a fantastic heroine! She is smart, sexy, sassy, and has psychic abilities! Although the conditions that led her to Wyoming are terrible, I really like how Sullivan lets us experience Josh, Abby’s husband, through Abby’s powers. We get to hear Josh’s wishes for Abby and see her interactions with him. Oh, he adds so much dimension to the novel. Chase is the classic cowboy. He is ruggedly gorgeous, stubborn, and absolutely all man! He really puts up a wall between him and Abby’s connection, which I found refreshing since it is usually the woman that must overcome her feelings before giving in to love.

There are two things that I really, really love two things about Wild Wyoming Nights. One is the paranormal element. Yes, I told you that Abby can see and hear Josh, her late husband, but she can also hear and see someone else! Someone that doesn’t want her and Chase to be together. Someone who is capable of murder. It’s so good that you have to read it for yourself. And two is the way Abby makes Chase jealous. When Chase is slow to come around, Abby doesn’t sulk and wait for Chase to acknowledge his feelings, she goes on dates and shows Chase that he is not the only game in town. I absolutely recommend that you read Wild Wyoming Nights. You will definitely fall in love with Abby’s strength and passion, and who doesn’t love reading about a sexy cowboy?!!


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