My Dates with the Dom by Eden Elgabri

10 Oct

Eden Elgabri - My Dates with the Dom

Eden Elgabri

My Dates with the Dom

4.5 Star Review

My Dates with the Dom is a wonderful story. At 89 PDF pages long, I felt like I was catching up with a girlfriend, not reading a novel. The tone is conversational and very relaxed. Elgabri’s writing style left me completely at ease as she told the story of Victoria Daniels and how this law school student ended up with an sexual contractual agreement. 

Victoria finds Michael, a dominant, online and agrees to meet him with the intention of engaging in a sex-only relationship. I could tell that Michael and Victoria were a great match from the start. There was not an overabundance of chemistry between the two, but there was a certain connection that comes about when opposites get together with the same goal in mind. Yet it didn’t take long to see that Victoria and Michael were a sexual match. My favorite scene is their first sexual encounter at a club. I laughed so hard when Victoria “dropped” the Ben Wa balls that Michael inserted into her on the dance floor. It’s one of many sexually embarrassing situations that most people would never admit to having. It served as great comic relief, leaving the reader with a sense that Victoria is very much a real person and not some sexual goddess that performs perfectly every time.

You also get to see the softer side of Victoria as she struggles with her feelings for Michael more and more with each encounter. The contract is sex only without a commitment, but Victoria is only human and begins to rethink the emotionless component of the contract. At one point, I thought Victoria was quite bold in calling things off with Michael, but thankfully things worked out for them in the end. My Dates with the Dom is an easy read and perfect for those new and old to submissive and dominant centered novels. I enjoyed this title very much and would definitely recommend it to erotica readers.


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