The Queen’s Consort by Leia Rice

24 Oct

The Queen's Consort by Leia Rice

Leia Rice

The Queen’s Consort

Warning: Do not read this short story in public, at work, or any other place where it might be inappropriate to moan with pleasure! The Queen’s Consort, a 25 page Harlequin Spice Brief is more than spice – it is downright erotic and hot in the most pleasurable way!

Arabelle is a French royal maid and a woman who wants not power or the royal title, but to be taken and pleasured by the queen’s consort. Petticoats, corsets, maids who pleasure one another after a long day tending to the queen, foursomes in a secret labyrinth, and the thrill of watching the queen reach her peak night after night with this faceless consort is just the beginning.

I love Leia’s writing style. We are able to see everything through Arabelle’s eyes, hear her thoughts, and feel her desires. Leia makes Arabelle so wonderfully human and woman in the way she reveals Arabelle’s thoughts. Leia leaves no emotion uncovered and even has Arabelle admit the things that, as women, we often think but would never say out loud.

The Queen’s Consort is a thrilling short packed with lust, intrigue, mystery, jealousy and desire. I am totally following Leia’s work and I can’t wait to read her next short!

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