Tempestuous Tales by Kandie Delley

31 Oct

Kandie Delley - Tempestuous Tales

Kandie Delley

Tempestuous Tales

4 Star Review

Three stories. Three women. One cursed pendant. One shocking ending. Tempestuous Tales is the perfect read for Halloween. It is full of mystery, danger, and is quite bone chilling at times. The Vanishing at Mountain Creek is the first story in the novel. Delphi Connors, who has recently broken up with her unfaithful boyfriend, finds herself taking a long drive around Mountain Creek, recovering from another bad date. But a series of terrifying events leads to her disappearance. Of the three stories, The Vanishing at Mountain Creek was the scariest tale for me because the things that happen to Delphi could happen to any woman. Seriously ladies, learn how to change a flat tire! And when someone was scraping the side of Delphi’s car like nails on a chalkboard, I got goose bumps. Delphi’s circumstances could happen to any woman and often does in reality, that is what made this short story so chilling.

Flickering Candles is the tale of Casey Smith, a driven, beautiful, independent woman reality show winner. Being famous has its disadvantages and Casey finds herself looking for love. When a flat tire leads her to her knight in shining armor, Gerald, they marry after one date to the shock and protests of her best friends. As time goes by, Gerald begins to lock himself in the attic painting away. And even worse, Gerald becomes possessive of Casey, often telling her what to wear and what perfume to use. After an anonymous caller warns Casey about her husband, Casey has no choice but to break into the attic to see what Gerald is hiding. It is nothing short of freaky and surprising, which leaves Casey fighting for her life.

The Trip Back Home is the last short story which tells of Tracie Brown, a talented writer, landing a fantastic opportunity to co-write the memoir of Casey Smith, her college friend. After the women reunite, Casey fills Tracie in about the strange disappearance of their mutual friend Delphi. The details of the story really start to come together in the third novel, and the common thread between the women’s lives, a magical pendant talisman, is revealed. However, neither of the women could have ever imagined just how much this talisman would change their lives. The race to set things right with the talisman is thrilling, and the decisions the women make will have an impact on each other’s lives forever.

Tempestuous Tales was a great read that I devoured in one sitting. Delley’s writing is fluid and very easy to read. I was very much engrossed in the story, and I enjoyed how all the mysteries came together in such a logical way in the end. Although there was some romance in the novel, Delphi, Casey and Tracie lives and decisions were the focus of the novel. I would definitely recommend this novel to those who enjoy suspenseful paranormal stories about well developed characters!


2 Responses to “Tempestuous Tales by Kandie Delley”

  1. Kandie (@KanKan929) December 5, 2013 at 5:57 PM #

    Zee, I want to thank you again for your book review on Tempestuous Tales. It meant more than you. Your support and those of readers, and other reviewers has kept me writing. All the best in your endeavors, and happy holidays!


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