Into the Lion’s Heart by Beth Trissel

3 Nov

Beth Trissel

Into the Lion’s Heart

4.5 Star Review

Captain Dalton Evans awaits for Sophie Devereux to arrive from France on The White Rose. Tom Archer, soon to be Lord Tom Archer, happily takes on the adventure with his brooding friend. It is 1789 England, the French are restlessly fighting, and that last thing Dalton wants is to babysit a French aristocrat. But when Sophie almost sinks on The White Rose, these men don’t hesitate to save her.

Dalton was my favorite character. After saving Sophie, he immediately is on edge as he checks out the woman standing before him. Something about her doesn’t add up, and this doesn’t seem like the real Sophie. Dalton, a former military man, has every reason to suspect that the woman before him is not Sophie. And as the tale goes on, Dalton becomes fixated on Sophie’s secrets as well as Sophie herself.

Sophie (or the woman pretending to be Sophie) has a secret. Is she the real Sophie Devereux? Or is she really an impostor? Will Dalton continue to fall head over heels for her, even though his more upbeat friend has also taken an interest in her? Dalton, Sophie, and Tom make quite the triangle on this adventure. Beth Trissel does an excellent job recreating 18th century England. The dialogue, the events, the mannerisms, and the scenery takes you right back to historical England. With secrets, crushes, and adventure, Into the Lion’s Heart quickly turned into a real page turner. Excellent story, brilliantly told!


One Response to “Into the Lion’s Heart by Beth Trissel”

  1. bethtrissel November 3, 2011 at 8:07 AM #

    Thanks so much for such a lovely review.

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