Storm Moon Press Week

4 Dec

This week I will be featuring reviews from a very unique and eclectic publisher, Storm Moon Press. Now let me tell you why I think Storm Moon Press rocks!


Storm Moon Press is a small publishing company and wouldn’t have it any other way. Because of their compact size, Storm Moon Press has the ability to focus on only releasing quality work. I have read more than a handful of novels that have been published by Storm Moon Press (which will be featured thought this week), and I can tell you that they are true to their word. While their releases are erotic, they also contain deep relationships, engaging stories, and a high taste level.


Storm Moon Press publishes a wide variety of erotic romance genres, which include contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, urban fantasy, historical, mystery/suspense, and speculative fiction. Wow! There is absolutely something for every type of romance lover at Storm Moon Press. No two novels are like, which keeps me excited and looking forward to reading more novels from this publisher.


Anyone who knows me knows I love to read short stories, and Storm Moon Press not only delivers full length novels, they also release short stories, anthologies, and novellas. I cheer for short stories! Perfect for reading on the go or taking in a story in one sitting.

Now let me introduce you to Kris Piet and S.L. Armstrong, both of whom are very talented authors and owners of Storm Moon Press. Kris is a marketing director and just amazing to work with, and S. L. Armstrong, the Editor in Chief, was sweet enough to answer some questions I had about Storm Moon Press.

1. What makes Storm Moon Press unique from other publishers?

We have a very individual approach to publishing. Authors tend to receive very immediate responses from one of us. We help with promotion, marketing, conventions, and give authors incredible control over their cover art. Storm Moon Press also offered content editing alongside our line edits and proofreading, which can help a so-so book become an awesome book. We’re just very author centric, and we never want to lose that focus.

2. Why does Storm Moon Press take such an active interest on shorter works, like short stories, novellas and anthologies?

In the hands of a skilled author, a short story or novella can be an amazing tale to read. We don’t want to discount those stories simply due to length. We also feel that not everyone wants a 200 page book. Novellas are very popular. Sometimes, you just want a quick, amazing story, and so when those stories land in our inbox, we nab them.

3. What are some of the core values at Storm Moon Press?

First and foremost is quality. We provide beautiful covers, solid construction on our print books, and we place incredible importance on editing. We have three editors, plus ourselves, and two proofreaders, and all of those employed by us know that editing is so very, very important. If it takes six passes, then it takes six passes, and we don’t skimp. Other driving values for us are respect for our authors, compromise, and timely accounting.

4. How would you describe the relationship that Storm Moon Press has with their authors?

Storm Moon Press tries very, very hard to ensure all our authors are happy with their contracts and experience with us. If there is a conflict, we make every attempt to resolve it to the satisfaction of both the author and us. In the end, we want authors to love their covers, love the editing experience, and love the process of publishing with us so they’ll want to bring their future works to us.

5. What three words would you say describes the atmosphere at Storm Moon Press?

Flexible, personal, and supportive.


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