Wild Passions – A Storm Moon Press Anthology

5 Dec

Wild Passions

Storm Moon Press

City of Foxes by Cornelia Grey

In a futuristic dystopian society, there are two kinds of people – humans and fox humans. Life is quite difficult for the fox people as the humans try to destroy them every chance they get. But when Jake (a human) gets injured trying to save Kye (a fox child), the leader of the fox people steps in and shows his appreciation by saving Jason in return. I really enjoyed the friendship that occurs between Jake and Liam. Even though trust is rare between the fox people and the human race, Liam and Jake find a way to overcome those obstacles, even when the fox people begin to grow restless. This is my second story that I have read by Cornelia Grey, and I love her writing style. It is strong, easy to read, and I have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a great story.

Trust Me by Elizabeth Hyder

I found Trust Me to be quite funny and light hearted. Koit, a part human part Shterpi, loves the women and the women love him. But when his friend, Sera, gives him a challenge to give men a chance, Koit accepts. Koit’s journey through the same sex dating scene is filled with humor because of Koit. Koit’s womanizing ways and dating techniques don’t translate well when he goes out on dates with men. I like that Hyder showed Koit stumbling through the social scene. It would have been to have Koit win over men without even trying. But there is one partner who is difficult enough to bring Koit to his knees. I enjoyed reading this title. I think it is always interesting to see what happens when the tables are turned.

Alpha’s Pride by K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong

One tribe. One leader. One lover. Nahale and Alec have a complicated relationship. Both men are strong and powerful, but Nahale is the leader of the tribe, and although Alec cares for Nahale, he does not think that Nahale is leading the tribe in the right direction. Alec has a choice to make – do nothing or challenge Nahale’s leadership position. This was one of my favorite stories in the novel. The relationship between Nahale and Alec is not simple, as most real relationship are not, and the obstacles they face could destroy their friendship. The story is excellent. I was constantly engaged, and I enjoyed reading about the struggle of doing what one wants versus doing what is right.

I do like to be beside the Seaside by Wayne Mansfield

I believe this short intended to be a quick digest, as everything happens pretty fast between Panas and his new roommate Jason. Panas holds tight to his secret, even goes so far as to wear a turtleneck in the blazing summer, yet quickly reveals his secret to Jason soon upon meeting him. And within a week, Panas and Jason are in love. I think readers who enjoy a light read will enjoy this short, as the story progresses at a quick pace and doesn’t delve into the details that would make the characters fuller and well rounded.

Opening Worlds by Cari Z

Jason is the captain of a freighter and one broken hearted human. The last thing he wants or needs is a Perel on his freighter. But he has not only one, but three riding today. These people are known to be a little sex crazy. But even with a broken heart, Jason isn’t immune to Ferran, a passenger and a Perel of importance. This story was awesome. Jason and Ferran didn’t just jump into the sack with each other. They got to know each other. We get to see their relationship grow and the romance bloom between then. This short was romantic, very well written and an excellent story.

Songs for Guitar and French Harp by Angelia Sparrow

I am a sucker for stories about forbidden love and that is just what this short is. Arthur, a bear boy, lives safely with his mother and father, and Gordon, a lion boy, lives in an unsafe household with his owners. Even though they are both slaves, Arthur is willing to do anything to be with Gordon. Their love is so innocent, and I was cheering for Arthur and Gordon’s relationship the entire way. This short was definitely another favorite of mine in this collection.

I am starting to become a fan of anthologies. You get to read many shorts in one collection as well as sample stories from authors you may not have read before. Wild Passions is my first anthology that deals with animal people, humans, and the relationship between them. The fact that animal people are in every short in the anthology did not bother me at all. I found myself focusing on their relationship more than their races. Wild Passions focuses on love, sex and the difficult choices one must make when in love. Our character’s courage is tested time and time again, and how characters deal with obstacles make these shorts worth reading. I absolutely recommend Wild Passions to all audiences alike.


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