Daughters of Artemis – A Storm Moon Press Anthology

6 Dec

Daughters of Artemis

Storm Moon Press

The Fullness That Love Began by Marie Carlson

I felt that this short was a great start to the anthology. There is plenty of wild sex featured in this story. The writing was light, easy to read, and I found it fun to read as well. The cliffhanger at the end of the story had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. This story sets the tone for the rest of the anthology, and I guarantee that it will definitely get your heart rate up.

The Fire of Her Eyes by K. Piet

When reading erotica novels, sex is not just anticipated, it is expected. The sensual lovemaking between Katya and Yun is believable and romantic, and absolutely adds to their relationship. The sex deepens their bond because of the emotional attachment that is going on in the story. This short is excellently written. I enjoyed reading about Katya and Yun, and I would say that this is one of my favorite stories in this anthology.

Luna’s Mate by Shashauna P. Thomas

Luna does not have the best of luck. She is an outsider, a misfit, and is just trying to find her place in the world. I loved seeing Luna’s transform throughout the story, and wish that Luna’s Mate would be expanded into a full length novel so that Luna, Syrene and their worlds can be explored deeper.

To Pierce the Sky by Erik Moore

This story is not loaded with wild sex like the first novel or sensual encounters like the second novel, but it is good in it’s own right. This short is well written and believable, the characters enjoyable to read about, and I liked how Erik Moore infused culture and myth into the story. Not a stand out story compared to the others in this anthology, but still a very good short.

Protect the Moon by Della R. Buckland

Action, action, and more action. This story is jam packed with action in a rich fantasy world, and while I loved the change of pace in the anthology, I also noticed that this story lacked the emotional connection I was looking for between the characters. I think this story would really come alive if it was expanded into a longer novel. I would like to see more of Jade character the most, as I found her completely untrustworthy yet fascinating to read about.

Sacrifices by S.L. Armstrong

This title is my favorite story in the anthology. The characters are so easy to fall in love with, I loved the theme of obligation versus duty, and the easy flowing writing style of Armstrong just pulls this entire piece together. I lost myself in this story, and thought this title was a fantastic choice to end this anthology.

I loved Daughters of Artemis. The women in the stories are all strong, yet have diverse personalities that make each character unique. I liked the overall theme of wolf culture that was woven throughout each story. This provided a continuity that I subconsciously appreciated. I think anthologies are a great way to read many stories and meet talented new authors. Daughters of Artemis definitely exceeded my expectations and that is why I gave it a five star review.


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