Surrender by K. Piet

6 Dec

K. Piet


Storm Moon Press

K. Piet has provided us a very sexy read with Surrender. This short story is about Aaron, a super uptight executive assistant, a Type A personality, and a Dom. It’s evident that Aaron is all about having control over everything. This personality trait is easy to believe, given his occupation, and the fact that some people allow parts of their job to bleed into other aspects of their lives. So when this control freak was invited to a BDSM club, he accepted, and was curious to see fellow Dom Travis performing a spanking hot number on a sub for everyone to see. The two dominants talk and by the end of their conversation Travis has convinced Aaron to be his sub. 

I really enjoyed this story for a few reasons. First, this tale is very believable. You have a control freak who agrees to let go of the reigns and experience pleasure in a way he has not experienced before. This experience will give him the time out that he needs in his professional life, and also give him the first hand knowledge of being a sub, ultimately making him a better dom. Aaron’s reasoning for being a sub to Travis is not only well thought out and logical, but is also believable that a person in Aaron’s same shoes would make the same decision.

I also liked this short because of Travis’ personality. He is not some arrogant jerk that one may expect since he is confident in showing his skills in a public club. Travis was so respectful of Aaron’s feelings and made sure that he gave Aaron the experience he was looking for and the release he needed. Travis was kind, which not only made me like him more, but also made his sexual encounter with Aaron mean so much more, and overall enriched the story. Well written, very creative, and quite believable, Surrender is a quick and easy read that I definitely recommend.


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