Rachmaninoff by K. Piet & S.L. Armstrong

7 Dec


S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet

Storm Moon Press

Aric is a young and rebellious teenager. When his parents send him to Serbia to train musically with Nikola, Aric thinks the worst of his situation. And it does not help that Aric and Nikola are as different as oil and water. Throughout the story, Aric’s bad boy behavior is explained, as well as a certain secret Nikola is hiding. Through the isolation, both are able to confront their issues, and although there are a lot of rough patches, both men find what they are looking for.

Aric was my favorite character because I felt I could identify with his background the most. He is young, rebellious, which we find out is a mask for the emotional trouble that is really going on inside. While some parents may send their child to military school for some discipline, his sent him to Serbia. :\ I was rooting for Aric throughout the whole story, wanting him to come clean about how he really feels, be honest about himself, and find the peace and love that he is looking for. There were a few surprises in this story, especially about Nikola, and although I did not like him at first, I came around and hoped that Aric and Nikola found love in each other. S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet delivered on all fronts. Rachmaninoff is an addicting story and I couldn’t stop turning the pages.


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