Blazing Star by Marie Carlson

8 Dec

Marie Carlson

Blazing Star

Storm Moon Press

Bea is a mind reader who keeps a safe house for supernatural hunters. Hope, Bea’s lover, is one of the supernatural hunters that Bea protects. This short, which is about 20 PDF pages long, is quite special. I love the fantasy world that Marie Carlson builds. It is vivid, rich, and so easy to imagine the story unfold at the turn of each page. I was fascinated with the supernatural world Carlson created and the dangers in the story kept me glued to my seat.

Carlson’s story is wonderful. I was never bored with the story line or the characters. Although the story is short, Carlson makes sure that the story is full and satisfying, without skimping on any of the details or rushing the story along. And finally, I love Bea and Hope’s relationship. They are three dimensional characters who came to life for me. Their relationship is so intimate, and I felt like a fly on the wall, watching their story unfold. It was a personal touch that made this short story feel very special.

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