Burn the Brightest by Emily Moreton

9 Dec

Emily Moreton

Burn the Brightest

Storm Moon Press

My heart really went out to Edith in this short. She is a woman who knows what she wants, including what kind of people she does and does not want to date. After meeting Jo, a Navy officer, at a birthday party, Edith does her best to stay away from her. Jo tries many times to pursue Edith, but Edith remained cold and pushed Jo away. This was frustrating at first because I nor Jo had any idea what Edith’s problem is, but it was all explained midway into the story.

Edith finds it within herself to date Jo, even though she knows that she shouldn’t, and begins to really like Jo and their new relationship. Jo has taken a teaching job and promises not to leave Edith, but when Jo is called away, it tears Edith apart, especially knowing that she should not have dated Jo in the first place. The two separate, leaving a hurt Edith behind.

This is the classic story of a woman conscience telling her not to date someone, and does so to her own detriment. We have all been in Jo’s position before, which makes this story so believable and realistic for every reader. This is definitely a tale you can picture your best gal pal telling you over coffee.


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