The Direction of Greatest Courage by Erik Moore

9 Dec

Erik Moore

The Direction of Greatest Courage

Storm Moon Press

This short starts off with Jason talking to us about how he has felt invisible since he was sixteen years old, the age he discovered his was bisexual. I appreciated the conversational tone, the intimate touch the author gave us right from the start of the story. It definitely set the tone for the story. Jason comes across as honest, not afraid to take a chance, and we immediately get the sense that something interesting is about to happen to him. 

That is exactly what happened. Jason meets Beth at a supermarket, and not only catches her eye, but also her husband, Geoff’s eye. Beth and Geoff are married, but have an open relationship. Jason has either been with women or men, but separately. In this short, we get to see Jason’s experience with Beth and Geoff. This short story is super steamy, and even more intimate because of Moore’s vivid description. This is quite a unique story, and definitely an unexpected read. My eyebrows were raised with intrigue the entire time I was reading this tale.


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