The Keeper by S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet

10 Dec

S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet

The Keeper

Storm Moon Press

Hadi works in the bustling fashion world in the beautiful city of Milan. He loves his work, his friends and his life. But when Hadi receives word that his uncle has passed away, Hadi returns to his home in France where he learns that he has inherited the Keeper position in Algeria. Hadi was shocked and upset. He struggled with choosing between the duty to his family and his desire to return to his life. 

When Hadi arrives in Algeria, he meets Sayyid Dhakir, an older man who does not look like he needs a keeper. Hadi hated his new life in Algeria and did not try to disguise his feelings. I couldn’t blame him. I also had a “this sucks!” attitude when reading the story. It’s very difficult to turn your family down when they make a request of you, no matter how much you don’t want to do what they ask, so I completely understood and shared Hadi’s frustration.

Sayyid is very kind to Hadi, and over time they become friends. Sayyid is a man with many secrets. I was surprised every time a secret was revealed about Sayyid. Excellent job by both authors in keeping me constantly fooled. Sayyid and Hadi eventually give in to their attraction for one another, but it is with much resistance.

I really enjoyed this novel. I identified so much with Hadi. We oftentimes shared the same thoughts and emotions in the novel. Hadi is a thoroughly developed character, and his presence made the story come alive. The Keeper is a slow burning tale that sizzles!


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