Weight Of A Gun – A Storm Moon Press Anthology

10 Dec

Weight Of A Gun (ARC)

Storm Moon Press

The Bounty Hunter by Cornelia Grey

Cornelia Grey continues to impress me. This is the third short I have read of hers, and this is nothing short of excellent. The western time period was refreshing to read about and immediately sparked my interest as William, a bounty hunter, is after his outlaw lover. The anticipation of their meeting was thrilling, and the sex was explosive. 

Changing the Guard by Peter Hansen

I think I might be sent to the same futuristic planet as Tomi Vuorela, seeing as we both have quite the smart mouth and a certain skill for causing trouble. The tone of this short is light, very sarcastic, and downright funny. I enjoyed the way Tomi treated Andile, the new maintenance man, and I was very happy with the ending.

The Machinist by Gryvon

Avery has been kidnapped not once but twice. His second kidnapper, Harrow, is even more dangerous than the first, and the vibe he gives off is quite chilling. Avery’s glass-half-full attitude gives a nice contrast to Harrow’s dark look, and sparks definitely fly when these two embrace each other.

My Rifle is Human by Sumi

This short is quite a different and interesting tale. Imagine a world where sex fuels humans in battle. It gives them energy. It gives them strength. It makes them powerful, unstoppable even. Fil is a natural gunslinger and is charged with having sex with the warriors in preparation for battle. Yet, all of his warriors have died in battle. But Morris is different. Morris wants to be fueled with more than just sex, but with intimacy. My Rifle is Human is unique and nothing I have ever read before.

In the Pines by Lydia Nyx

Tyler is a former cop who was injured in the line of duty, so he moves to Alaska and buys a gun. Although this gun was intended to be a gift, the surprise is completely on him when he begins to have dreams about Flynn, who is somehow connected to the gun. This short is very well written, mysterious, and a great change of pace in the anthology.

Compromised Judgment by Penny K. Moss

Rozsa is very much attracted to Konrad, but acting on that attraction is a huge no-no. Rozsa is an undercover agent, and Konrad is a major part of the gun smuggling case. I was glued to the pages wondering what the outcome of their relationship would be. The combination of occupations and level of attraction is dangerous and can even turn deadly.

Weight of A Gun is a fantastic anthology, and I loved the gun theme that was woven through each story. The shorts are unique, well written, and a joy to read. I was quite excited to turn the page and see what happened next. Weight of A Gun is on fire and I definitely recommend it.


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