The Baringup Dynasty by Bruce Cooke

23 Dec

Bruce Cooke

The Baringup Dynasty

Desert Breeze Publishing

It’s been a long time since I’ve read an excellent novel that focused more on story and character development and less on sex. The Baringup Dynasty is a captivating story told in the most creative way by Bruce Cooke. In the first chapter we meet Danny Stevens, a war veteran with a bloody past headed on a train with his new boss Jonathon Bailey, a man who has had a less fortunate childhood himself.

Now here’s where it gets interesting! The chapters that follow alternate between Danny’s past and Jonathon’s past. It is in these chapters that Danny and Jonathon really come to life and develop into three dimensional characters. Bruce’s writing style is lean as he conveys just the highlights of each man’s life that has made him into the person we are reading about today. The Baringup Dynasty just would not have been the same without these details.

We follow each man’s life journey until we get back to the present train ride. Then Bruce pushes the story forward so we can see where each character ends up. Although Jonathon’s story really kept me glued to the pages, it is his daughter Robbie who put a smile on my face. Determined to do anything a man can do, this smart mouthed, independent woman definitely put a smile on my face. The Baringup Dynasty is a spectacularly told story and all credit goes to Bruce Cooke.


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