The Revolutionary Mistress by Leia Rice

12 Jan

Leia Rice

The Revolutionary Mistress

SPICE Briefs

Mariette is a French barmaid at Le Fleur, and when she is not servicing the patrons in the bar, her co-worker Jean turns his back as she solicits her other services to men in the back room. With the revolution in the air, Mariette will do whatever it takes to make enough money to pay the rent and put food in her stomach. So what if she likes her scandalous behavior, right!

Mariette’s world will soon change when she sees an angelic man named Rene in the market… and then again in her bar… and then again in the back room with her. Unlike her other men, Rene is different. And her relationship with him will prove most beneficial as the revolution begins to come to a boil.

Leia sophomore work sets the pages ablaze, just like her first brief, The Queen’s Consort. A tall glass of iced cold water is required while you read The Queen’s Consort, and The Revolutionary Mistress is no different. The sex is beyond hot as we have spontaneous sex, trains, and even threesomes in this short brief.

I can’t get enough of Leia’s writing style. The story is excellently written with no fat and filler. She makes use of every page and every sentence to enrich the characters and move the plot forward. While this short contains sizzling sex, it also tells one great story. Leia is a incredibly skilled author and personally has become one of my favorites!


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