When A Man Loves A Woman by Alina Adams

12 Jan

Alina Adams

When A Man Loves A Woman (enhanced eBook)

Alina Adams Media 

Can a man and woman really be just friends? My immediate answer is absolutely not, but then I saw the friendship between James Elliot and Deborah Brody and the idea of it became possible. Elliot and Deb became friends in medical school and have been going strong for twenty years. Although there is a chemistry between the pair, nothing has even happened between them, and they always combat rumors that say otherwise letting everyone know that they are just friends.

Even Deb’s husband, Max Brody, believes in their friendship so much that he encourages it, completely trusting them both. I enjoyed Max. He is a really solid, great man who makes a perfect, supportive husband. Max was behind his wife all the way while she went through medical school, and continued to be a rock as he supported her through her career. Unfortunately, Max passes away, and now nothing is standing in the way of Elliot and Deb.

I liked how Elliot knew what he wanted in this story. Elliot has loved Deb for a very long time, even through the duration of her marriage. He has been Deb’s best friend, confidante, and shoulder to cry on. But what I really respect about Elliot is that he is not an all or nothing kind of man. He would rather keep Deb in his life as a friend, than not have her at all.

Deb is a woman filled with conflicting emotions, understandably so. She feels pain and sadness at the loss of her husband. Passion and desire for Elliot. And guilt for wanting another man so soon after her husband’s death. Deb has a heart and is human to the core. The misunderstanding she has with Elliot at work is proof of that.

When A Man Loves A Woman is a wholesome story that heavily focuses on characters and their relationships to one other through dialog and introspection. I like knowing what is going through a character’s mind throughout the novel. I also enjoyed reading about characters over the age of forty. So many romances are written about the young, and it was a nice change of pace to read about friendship, passion, and romance from an older character’s point of view. The characters are excellently developed, the story was easy to read, and I would suggest reading this novel. I’m quite interested to read more of Alina’s work.


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