Doctor’s Delight by Angela Verdenius

17 Jan

Angela Verdenius

Doctor’s Delight

Big Girls Lovin’ Book #1

Cherry is plus sized, over thirty, a virgin, and a nurse. That is like drawing three bad cards at a tarot reading. But that is Cherry’s reality and her crazy journey starts out just like most women’s – by following her girlfriend’s advice in the love department. That is exactly how Cherry finds herself in a hotel room shelling out $400 dollars to have sex with an escort, then comes to find out the next morning that the escort she hired never showed up. So who did she have sex with last night?

Rick is everything a great man should be – caring, considerate, persistent, and a little off his rocker. That must be the only explanation for why he showed up at a (wrong) hotel room to sleep with a woman he never met. But after one night with Cherry, he makes it his mission to find out more about her. I really liked how Angela made Rick work hard to get into Cherry’s heart. Many plus sized women are insecure about their weight, stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food and their emotions, and can be quite guarded when it comes to romance. Cherry is no different, yet Rick is patient and persistent and ultimately wins Cherry over.

I was thrilled when I first read this story. There are not nearly enough romance books about plus sized heroines. Angela did an excellent job balancing Cherry’s insecurities while moving the story along, never leaving me bored. Angela really focused on developing Cherry’s character, her emotions, and how people and situations make her feel. It is truthful, honest, and that makes me love Cherry even more. Doctor’s Delight is very well written and easy to read. The plot keeps the pages turning, and the romance between Rick and Cherry is a delight to read. Angela Verdenius is an author to watch!


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