Cop’s Passion by Angela Verdenius

19 Jan

Angela Verdenius

Cop’s Passion

Big Girl’s Lovin’ Book #2

I loved this book. I’ve truly enjoyed the first two novels in this trilogy, and I love Angela’s writing and creativity! And excellent news for you, this book can totally be read as a stand alone novel. Okay, let’s talk about the book now. 

Maddy is a nurse, an independent woman, and a big girl. We know that Maddy is a plus-sized woman, yet I immediately notice that her weight was never revealed. I thought this was a nice touch by Angela. No woman likes her weight to be revealed, and our main character Maddy is no exception to this sacred rule. I could not stand Maddy’s family. Her family is so obsessed about appearances and success that they really have no sensitivity towards Maddy about her weight. Because I was annoyed at Maddy’s family, I wasn’t so hard on Maddy when she acted stubborn in the novel. Understanding her family dynamics gave me insight into Maddy’s emotions, confidence, and actions, especially how they effect her on a romantic level.

But Mike, Maddy’s next door neighbor, is a perfectly flawed gentleman. I can only imagine how hot Mike is from the little snipped we see on the book cover. Yum. Sure Mike is a bit moody and can be quite bossy at times, he is all male and can’t deny his attraction to Maddy. The more I read about Mike, the more I loved him. He sees Maddy for exactly who she is and doesn’t focus on her weight. He understands her insecurities and takes the time to build up her confidence – in and out of the bedroom. Let’s say that their lovemaking was equally sweet as it was fiery!

Mike and Maddy are a fantastic couple. Angela wrote them in a way where you feel like Mike and Maddy are your own neighbors who you know personally. Maddy’s journey towards acceptance rings true to so many woman who struggle or have struggled with weight issues. Weight issues or not, you will find yourself flipping through the pages faster and faster as it was hard for me to even put this novel down. And I’m sure that you will love the Aussie lingo in this novel as much as I did. Thanks Angela for including a helpful glossary so I could keep up, and learn a few phrases to repeat around the house in my faux-Aussie accent!


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