The Tea Demon by Cornelia Grey

24 Jan

Cornelia Grey

The Tea Demon

Dreamspinner Press

An expert thief, an infamous tea demon, ferocious turtle traders, and a prized treasure make up the foundation of The Tea Demon. This short has equal parts of humor, adventure, and passion which makes the story unpredictable. For example, the reader will not know what the prized treasure is until the end of the story, so we are left with the anticipation of something great and our imaginations. And when the tea demon goes on a rampage big enough to sink a ship, it will take much more than tea to put an end to this fit.

Grey’s writing is always clear, easy to read and her storytelling skills are fantastic. The story is always moving forward, and the plot flows smoothly as new characters are introduced. I particularly liked Addy. She is a spit fire and I love a woman who can hold her own. Ironically enough, Addy is not the tea demon. Eric Devon, our expert thief, has his work cut out for him, and I liked how Grey didn’t make things easy for him since he’s considered to be an expert. Eric proves his abilities in spades, and I enjoyed reading just how he plans to retrieve the treasure. This is a great short read full of spunk and adventure!

One Response to “The Tea Demon by Cornelia Grey”

  1. Cornelia Grey January 24, 2012 at 11:02 AM #

    Thank you for the lovely review – I’m really glad you enjoyed the story :)!


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