Tandem Tryst by Ralph Horner

9 Feb

Ralph Horner

Tandem Tryst

Tandem Tryst is a marvelous story that mesmerized me in the most wonderful way. Jeff Voss is a man caught in between two worlds. After his late wife, Marcy, leads him to a magical ring, Jeff transports back one hundred years to 1893, right into the heart of the Chicago World’s Fair. He doesn’t understand why Marcy wanted him to find this ring and travel back in time, but Jeff decides to explore the fair and have a little faith that he finds the purpose of this miracle time travel.

That’s where Melody comes in. Melody is not only my favorite character but a lady through and through. She is Marcy’s great-great-grandmother and could pass for her twin in appearance and gestures. Melody has this demeanor about her that is part flirty, part assertive that I just love. For instance, when Jeff first tries to kiss Melody, she backs away and says, “Just because I’ve agreed to meet you again doesn’t give you the right to take liberties with me.” Melody demands respect from everyone and does it in a way that is kind and firm. Jeff quickly convinces Melody of his time travel and the more time they spend together, the more they fall for one another, and the more Jeff is torn between his own time and 1893.

Horner does a fantastic job painting a lively picture of 1893 and the Chicago World Fair. The story is filled with vibrant foods, people and events. I had no trouble picturing life in 1893, and I found myself enjoying that time period more and more as the story went on. Horner has created some fantastic supporting characters. Alice, Melody’s sister, is everything you would hate in a female. She is mean, rude, gossipy, and manipulative. I could not stand her, yet loved how she would fan the flames. I also liked Clarence, Melody’s uncle. He loves telling grand tales. He’s a natural storyteller, a relatable character, and someone that everyone has met in their life.

Horner surprised me in Tandem Tryst. This novel is not only about a sweet courtship between Jeff and Melody, but it is also filled with murder and suspicion. Someone in 1893 knows about Jeff’s time travel and attempts are made to steal his magical ring and well as end his life.  The storylines in Tandem Tryst are very multi-dimensional, which moves the novel forward naturally yet keeps the story fresh and intriguing. Tandem Tryst is an excellent novel I highly recommend reading.

Come back tomorrow. I will be posting an interview that Ralph Horner did with WGN Chicago.

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2 Responses to “Tandem Tryst by Ralph Horner”

  1. Laura February 10, 2012 at 12:23 PM #

    Great review, Zee. I’ll be sure to add this one to my list.


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    […] Zee Tandem Tryst by Ralph Horner […]

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