Be A Book Reviewer

What am I looking for in an Associate Reviewer?

  • Someone who loves to read books
  • Someone who can write a well thought out review
  • Someone who accepts books in PDF format
  • Someone who can provide 3-4 reviews per month
  • Someone who can provide constructive criticism should the occasion arise
  • Someone who can meet deadlines

Other Notes:

I will provide books to the associate reviewer via e-mail in PDF format. The associate reviewer is expected to read, rate and review each title. You may keep book the books I send for review. Reviewers are not allowed under any circumstances to send the books to other people or sell the books; this is piracy and against the law. I don’t mind if the associate reviewer has a personal or book blog; however, all reviews will be posted only on Fire Pages, and I will handle the posting of the review on my blog.


  • Free books from The Book Depository
  • Small gifts, like bookmarks, cute stationary, etc.
  • Gift Cards


Please e-mail Zee the following info at

  • Your name
  • E-mail Address
  • Number of reviews you can provide a month (if more than 3)

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