Tandem Tryst by Ralph Horner

9 Feb

Ralph Horner

Tandem Tryst

Tandem Tryst is a marvelous story that mesmerized me in the most wonderful way. Jeff Voss is a man caught in between two worlds. After his late wife, Marcy, leads him to a magical ring, Jeff transports back one hundred years to 1893, right into the heart of the Chicago World’s Fair. He doesn’t understand why Marcy wanted him to find this ring and travel back in time, but Jeff decides to explore the fair and have a little faith that he finds the purpose of this miracle time travel. Continue reading


Dangerous Charade by Elizabeth Means

24 Jan
Elizabeth Means takes us to England during the Victorian Era into a room where Lord Burton is arranging the marriage of his niece, Gabrielle, to the vile Sir Edward Wolfden with the intent of splitting Gabrielle’s inheritance and wiping Lord Burton’s debt clean. Continue reading

The Tea Demon by Cornelia Grey

24 Jan

Cornelia Grey

The Tea Demon

Dreamspinner Press

An expert thief, an infamous tea demon, ferocious turtle traders, and a prized treasure make up the foundation of The Tea Demon. This short has equal parts of humor, adventure, and passion which makes the story unpredictable. For example, Continue reading

Your Boyfriend & Other Guys I’ve Kissed by Totally Tyler

19 Jan

Totally Tyler

Your Boyfriend & Other Guys I’ve Kissed: The Tails of Totally Tyler

The Nazca Plains Corporation

Yes, the rumors are true… I have fallen in love with Totally Tyler. Since reading his debut novel, I’ve stalked him many times on Twitter as well as visited his incredibly funny blog. And that is exactly what this novel is – a series of blog posts. But what makes Tyler memorable is his ability to be completely open and honest about himself and his life. I truly admire that about his personality.

I’m going to share a quote from the foreword (yes, I even read the foreword) because it sets the tone for this book so well. Check this out: Continue reading

Cop’s Passion by Angela Verdenius

19 Jan

Angela Verdenius

Cop’s Passion

Big Girl’s Lovin’ Book #2

I loved this book. I’ve truly enjoyed the first two novels in this trilogy, and I love Angela’s writing and creativity! And excellent news for you, this book can totally be read as a stand alone novel. Okay, let’s talk about the book now.  Continue reading

Doctor’s Delight by Angela Verdenius

17 Jan

Angela Verdenius

Doctor’s Delight

Big Girls Lovin’ Book #1

Cherry is plus sized, over thirty, a virgin, and a nurse. That is like drawing three bad cards at a tarot reading. But that is Cherry’s reality and her crazy journey starts out just like most women’s – by following her girlfriend’s advice in the love department. That is exactly how Cherry finds herself in a hotel room shelling out $400 dollars to have sex with an escort, then comes to find out the next morning that the escort she hired never showed up. So who did she have sex with last night? Continue reading

Grey’s Lady by Natasha Blackthorne

17 Jan

Natasha Blackthorne

Grey’s Lady

Carte Blanche Series Book 1

Total E-Bound

Beth McConnell is a woman who is well-versed in one night stands, and the rich and good looking Grey Saxton has his own womanizing ways. Beth has her mind set on getting Grey in her bed… just once. Yet Grey has other plans, and pursues Beth with as much determination and passion they share in bed. Continue reading

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