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White Lace And Promises by Natasha Blackthorne

31 Mar

Natasha Blackthorne

White Laces and Promises

Carte Blanche Series, Book 2

White Lace & Promises is a historical novel that absolutely rocks! I really enjoyed the love Seth and Grey had for each other. Overall, Beth was my favorite character. She is young, beautiful, and had many men in her life. Beth always challenged herself to be a better person, wife, lover and friend. She never gives up on others, especially Grey. Even in the face of people like Dr. Wade and his special promises, Beth stays true to her love for Grey. I really believe that all women can relate to Beth, as our love for the men in our lives is as loyal and strong as hers.

Even though Beth is in love with Grey, my favorite scene is when she stands up to him. She refuses to be pushed aside by him and have him treat her like his previous relationships. She is his wife and will be damned if she allows him to treat her that way. This was my favorite scene because while Beth is in love, she is not blinded by her love. She remains strong and true to herself, making me love her character even more.

White Lace & Promises is very well written and the pacing is great. The novel flows smoothly and is intense at the same time. The intensity comes from Dr. Wade’s promises, and the way he tries to lure Beth away from Grey. However, Natasha does bring closure to each of the characters, giving the book a happy ending that I saw very fitting. Overall, I loved White Lace & Promises. This is an excellently executed sequel to Grey’s Lady.

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