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Red Deception By J.C. Murtagh

20 Feb

J.C. Murtagh

Red Deception

Red Deception is phenomenal. I am just crazy over this story. Judith Timbolt is a wife to a timid husband, a mother to a small child, and the daughter-in-law to an ungrateful mother-in-law and an abusive father-in-law. I was only four pages into the novel, and I was ready to escape her life. I was yelling at my Kindle: Your family stinks! Leave them all behind Judith!

So when Judith comes across the opportunity to switch identities with a woman wearing fine clothing, she takes it [literally takes the clothes off this woman’s back], and I cheered her on all the way. Judith has the most wonderful time with her new identity as Lady Lora Noire, but the terrible lies she must tell end up coming to bite her in the rear. I really felt for Judith. I could see the truth closing in on her, and there was nothing she could do about it. The biggest casualty was the love she shared with another.

This story is so powerful because you could see it actually happening to a friend, someone in your family, and even yourself. Every woman has felt the need to escape. Could you imagine if the opportunity to live a better life came at your most desperate hour? J.C. does an excellent job developing Judith’s family members. I absolutely hated her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law for different reasons, and was completely satisfied with the ending. I also liked how J.C. handled Baron Blacwin’s emotions. Betrayal is difficult to get over, and I thought J.C. really made his feelings ring true to the circumstances.

J.C. is such a talented writer. Her storytelling is incredible. She produces characters I definitely care about, and I can’t wait to read J.C.’s next piece of work, The Kings Trust Book 1.

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