Kicking Ashe by Pauline Baird Jones

14 Mar

Pauline Baird Jones

Kicking Ashe (Project Enterprise 6)

Blurb: When you save Time’s tush—or its version of one—it ought to cut you a break, not  kick your tush some where and some when. Though boo yah on providing a hot guy in leather to pull that tush out of the impact crater that Ashe so did not make despite the somewhat damning evidence to the contrary. 

She’s stuck on primitive planet, her Time Tracker suit down, Lurch (her nanite) is unable to connect to any tech, she’s surrounded by a bunch of buccaneer types who haven’t been around nubile, young women cause it’s against their law, the one guy (Vidor Shan) she’d like to kiss on the mouth is off limits (time rule), someone gunning for Shan from somewhere in time, and, oh yeah, some really strange meteorites are making landfall in some very strange ways. 

Seems Time has a new hobby: kicking Ashe (and shame on It for doing it when she’s down). 

Not that she plans to stay down. Or give up the guy.


Pauline’s Project Enterprise series is fun, adventurous, not too science-y for those who love a good romance, but cool enough to please the smarties who love to read. While it isn’t necessarily to read the previous novels to enjoy Kicking Ashe, I think followers of the series, especially those who have read Steamrolled, will be able to connect on a deeper level as Kicking Ashe picks up right where Steamrolled left off.

Ashe is front-and-center in this story and I couldn’t be happier. Ashe has a great sense of humor and the perfect touch of sarcasm that makes her very human and easy to relate to. For example, when she regains her consciousness and sees seven buccaneer-looking men in front of her, she begins to recall the names of the dwarfs in Snow White. Quite humorous, especially seeing as how these buccaneer men can’t take their eyes off her chest. And the fact that Ashe can’t cook makes me like her even more as I am a terrible cook too.

Wouldn’t you love to have a scent parsing ability so you can tell when others are lying? Meet Vidor Shan. He’s a strong leader, honorable, protective, loyal… everything I love in a man. He realizes that Ashe is trouble but decides to be the one to protect her, even if he his own people see it as a betrayal. What I like most about Vidor, besides his scent parse abilities, is his killer instinct. Those closest to Vidor warn Ashe that if she crosses him, he will show no mercy.

Kicking Ashe wouldn’t be complete if Lurch, Ashe’s nanite, wasn’t around. Lurch is great when you need to plan a strategy, understand what’s happening around you, and get feedback when you need it most. He’s a pain to have around when you’re crushing on a guy and hear him making sarcastic comments in your head. Overall, Lurch is the perfect companion and always keeps things interesting.

Pauline’s novels are perfect for smart women on the move. Her heroines love adventure but are, at the core, still women. The book cover is feminine and fun, something that would definitely catch my eye in a store. Kicking Ashe is an awesome read, so don’t pass up the chance to experience Ashe, Vidor and Lurch’s adventure.


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