Books Reviewed

In alpha order by the author’s first name!


Alan Zendell – The Portal

Aleksandr Voinov – Counterpunch

Alina Adams – When A Man Loves A Woman

Alma Katsu – The Taker

Angie Daniels – A Delight Before Christmas

Angela Verdenius – Cop’s Passion

Angela Verdenius – Doctor’s Delight

Anna Small – Tame the Wild Wind | Interview |

Anthology – Daughters of Artemis [Storm Moon Press]

Anthology – Weight Of A Gun [Storm Moon Press]

Anthology – Wild Passions [Storm Moon Press]


B.J. Daniels – Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch

Beth Trissel – Into The Lion’s Heart

Brenda Jackson – Beyond Temptation

Brenda Jackson – Hidden Pleasures

Brenda Jackson – Irresistible Forces

Brenda Jackson – Quade’s Babies

Brenda Jackson – Risky Pleasures

Bruce Cooke – The Baringup Dynasty

Bruce Cooke – The Campbell Odyssey


C. Elizabeth – Absolute Obsession

Christina Crooks – Hands On

Christina Crooks – L.A. Caveman

Christina Crooks – Rough Play

Christina Watson – Unforeseen Lover

Cornelia Grey – Apples and Regret and Wasted Time

Cornelia Grey – The Tea Demon


D. Renee Bagby – Eris | Interview |

D.K. Christi – Ghost Orchid

David Russell – Explorations

David Russell – Further Explorations

David Russell – My Dream of Madonna and An Ecstatic Rendezvous

David Russell – Self’s Blossom

David Russell – Therapy Rapture

Debra Hyde – Story of L


Elizabeth Means – Dangerous Charade

Emily Giffin – Something Blue

Emily Giffin – Something Borrowed

Emily Moreton – Burn The Brightest

Erik Moore – The Direction Of Greatest Courage


Fiona McGier – Secret Love


Gale Stanley – Call of the Wilds | Interview |

Gale Stanley – Captive

Gale Stanley – Mating Call 

Gale Stanley – One Night In Bangkok

Gale Stanley – Point of Beginning

Gretchen Craig – Crimson Sky


Hester Browne – The Little Lady Agency

Hester Browne – The Little Lady Agency and The Prince

Hester Browne – Little Lady, Big Apple



J.C. Murtagh – Red Deception

Jane Cassell – The Kissing Booth

Janine Ashbless – The Grief Of The Bond-Maid

Jennifer Paris – Petals and Thorns

Jianne Carlo – Carnal in Cannes | Interview |

Julia Rachel Barrett – My Everything | Interview |


K. Piet – Surrender

Kandie Delley – Tempestuous Tales

Karen Quinn – Holly Would Dream

Karen Quinn – The Ivy Chronicles

Kathleen Tessaro – Elegance

Kathleen Tessaro – The Flirt

KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott – Born Into Fire

KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott – Double Bang


Leia Rice – The Queen’s Consort

Leia Rice – The Revolutionary Mistress

Leslie Kelly – Slow Hands

Lisa Alexander-Griffin – Danielle’s Touch | Interview |

Lisa Alexander-Griffin – Hand of Fate

Lisa Alexander-Griffin – Shattered Illusions | Interview |

Lori Foster – Unbelievable (Fantasy)

Lori Foster – Unbelievable (Tantalizing)


M. Christian – Beep

M. Christian – Blow Up

M. Christian – I Am Jo’s Vibrator

M. Christian – Rude Mechanicals

M. Christian – The Bachelor Machine

Marie Carlson – Blazing Star

Marilyn Levinson – Giving Up the Ghost

Michael C. Greer – Carmella Jackson: Manifest Vampire

Michele Hart – Gangbusters

Michele Hart – Luminous Nights

Michele Hart – Mind-Blown | Interview |

Michele Hart – Vigilant

Michele Hauf – Kiss Me Deadly


Natasha Blackthorne – Grey’s Lady (Book 1, Carte Blanche Series)

Natasha Blackthorne – White Laces & Promises (Book 2, Carte Blanche Series)


Pauline Baird Jones – Kicking Ashe (Project Enterprise 6)


Ralph Horner – Tandem Tryst

Regina Hale Sutherland – The Red Hat Society Presents The Queens of Woodlawn Avenue

Rose Anderson – Dreamscape

Rose Anderson – Hermes Online


Sandy Sullivan – Wild Wyoming Nights | Interview |

Sandy Sullivan – Wild Rodeo Nights

Sandy Sullivan – Wild Nevada Ride

Sandy Sullivan – Wild Rekindled Love

Sarah Grimm – After Midnight

Saskia Walker – Kiss It

Sherry Gloag – Duty Calls

Sherry Gloag – The Brat | Interview |

S.L. Armstrong – Oneiros

S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet – Breaking Point

S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet – Catalyst

S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet – Rachmaninoff

S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet – The Keeper

Sophia Valenti – The Cougar of Cobble Hill

Stephen Benson – Right of Champions


T.C. Archer – Sasha’s Calling

T.C. Archer – Winter In Paradise

Tarah Scott – A Knight of Passion

Tarah Scott – The Pendulum

Tarah Scott – When A Rose Blooms

Tonya Ramagos – Forty-Eight Hour Burn | Interview |

Tonya Ramagos – Taken By Surprise

Totally Tyler – Your Boyfriend & Other Guys I’ve Kissed


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